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Rarely does a book come along that unapologetically challenges the status quo and offers readers such raw enlightenment. As a publisher, bringing a breakthrough piece of literature like Subliminally Exposed to the market is what makes this field so rewarding.   Subliminally Exposed is truly more”

- David L. Hancock, Founder,
Morgan James Publishing

“Why Fifty Shades began! Dr. Dayan does a beautiful job in Subliminally Exposed in explaining how and why attraction begins. I began reading it and could not put it down until I was done. Erotic, Exotic, and totally Excellent!”

P.E., Chicago, Illinois

“Subliminally Exposed is the 2013 answer to Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth. This book is honest as it approaches attraction as natural biological process, capable of being manipulated to work in our favor. I can also truly say from academic perspective, this book is groundbreaking. The chapter on homosexuality is one of the first of its kind, examining not on the nuances of homosexual attraction but also the evolutionary benefits of this natural part of our biology that’s so understudied. Professors, students, and the general public alike should not hesitate to utilize this valuable perspective and compilation of information.”

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