About The Book

The first of its kind, this book reveals a direct link between beauty and the betterment of the human condition. It goes beyond mere theory and speculation to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that appearances and first impressions have a far reaching and tangible impact on our relationships, our careers, our health and our general well-being. How appearance is perceived in ourselves and others is hardwired in our brains, and it affects everything from how we land a job to how we choose our mates. This book is a true journey into our deep primitive mind that still to this day drives our innermost desires, fears and actions.


  • What male facial feature correlates with a female achieving orgasms more quickly
  • Why lips are so sexy to men
  • Why being too thin turns men off, but being overweight if in the right proportions doesn't
  • What male facial feature suggests he is more likely to be successful in buisness or unfaithful
  • Why African men like bigger behinds
  • What changes in a woman's face occur when she is sexually interested
  • What you can tell by a man's hands
  • Why a penis is shaped the way it is
  • What age difference between spouses is correlated with greater marital success
  • What one factor matters most in helping a woman to get a raise at work



A Special Thank You to Primitive in Chicago, IL for allowing us to use their facility for filming.

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